Monday, June 2, 2008

Help for acne scars and body lotion with milk and honey, scars from acne

Natural remedies do reduce the need for medications thereby eliminating the chances of side-effects as well as other chemical reactions that may occur in the body. Natural treatment methods are always a better choice for acne due to less exposure to drugs and chemical-laden acne products.
So I looked at my diet, and found that by making one simple change to what I ate, my acne cleared up DRAMATICALLY. I no longer got cystic acne, the kind of inflamed and pus-filled zits that would take weeks to disappear...
Regardless, fight the desire to pop the acne blemish before it is ready. Incessantly washing or utilizing medication could only irritate the blemish even further, and the result is more of a mess than you began with. The majority of methods, such as Zeno or light pens, only stand a chance of working after the acne blemish has appeared, and even then, these methods might not work for some people. Numerous people decide that it is simply best to let nature run its course.
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