Monday, June 2, 2008

How to prevent acne with tea tree oil and zinc against acne

For those who think I have just described the causes of acne, I have to point out an obvious loophole. My explanation begins at the point when sebaceous glands begin producing excess oil, but I am mum on the subject of why they act the way they do. The reason: no one knows what exactly triggers the excess sebum production.
Hormonal fluctuations - Again, during puberty and the teen years, hormonal fluctuations seem to aggravate acne vulgaris. Adult women may have breakouts during times of hormone swings such as during the menstrual cycle or perimenopause.
Using a lot of oil based make up especially in summers- Well some people just can't go without their make up but the main trouble is that you should never use oil based make up as that fills your pores up with a lot of oil which becomes the basic cause of acne. Try to use a water based make up and at the same time make sure you don't get into bed with your make up on. Always take your make up off and wash your face before getting into bed.
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