Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How to clear up hormonal acne

« ...The Two Part Treatment. 1. Mix together ? tbsp of honey, 2 sprinkles of salt and oregano leaves add 1 capful of vinegar and ? a finger of toothpaste. Gently massage this blend into clean washed skin and leave or 20- 30 minuets. 2. Remove with warm water and after 10 minuets apply plain toothpaste to acne affected areas and leave on overnight....
...So it's through this exercise that you'll indirectly be finding a natural cure for acne. Skin care products and treatment alone isn't what's going to determine whether or not you find your natural cure for acne. Lots of exercise, eating good diet and maintaining a healthy diet is what will lead you to achieving a natural cure for acne....»
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«...A study was conducted by Dr. Kimball on 23 acne-suffering male participants to test if the effect of sweats will lead to more pimples on the back and chest. The 23 participants are divided into 3 groups. One group was asked not to do any exercise at all, another was ask to do exercise and immediately going to shower, and the last group was asked to do exercise but delay going to shower. The number of pimples was counted after 2 weeks later on the back and chest of each participant....»
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