Thursday, October 2, 2008

Suntan lotion affect acne

« ...Fact: There are wide varieties of different treatment options available to teat acne these days. You can go for topical creams, oral medications and a lot more. Visit a dermatologist for verifying the treatment that's suit you the best....
...For instance, rose water is a very good treatment for dry skin, which can sometimes be a contributor to an acne problem. But, to stress, the connection here is tenuous. Dry skin alone is rarely a cause of acne, and hoping that doing this one thing will help is likely to disappoint. But, just like flossing your teeth is unlikely to help with your acne, it may be something you consider for your regular health regimen....»
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«...Many antibiotics are available in the internet. These antibiotics are used to demolish acne completely within few days. But these antibiotics very powerful and they lead to many side affects and it also needs greater degree of monitoring....»
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