Sunday, September 28, 2008

Acne during pregnancy treatment

« ...I'm now happy to report my face is smooth and clear once again! Now, I realize that my situation may not be the the same for other acne sufferers, but the story seems worth telling for the purpose of looking at our diet first in solving health issues of any kind. The next time your body starts to change in a way that is displeasing, steer clear of the quick chemical fixes and look to nature to solve all ill wills!...
...There are many products out there from the high street markets and the internet selling many product to cure acne, do they work? which one works? we'll that's for you to decide after doing a good research on the product. It's best to give it a shot on the natural side of curing your acne than going for expensive products....»
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«...Furthermore, because swimming requires the immersing the whole body (hence the entire skin surface) in water, it allows for the natural moisture absorption of the skin. Since you will most likely either be swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water, the disinfectant properties of the water will also be absorbed by the skin. And as you may or may not remember from a previous post, severe acne is the result of a susceptibility to infection....»
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