Saturday, September 27, 2008

Green soap for acne

« ...There has been always a debate regarding the sex and acne. The sex and acne, myths and facts have no authenticity but they are strongly believed by the people all across the world. The number one issue that comes to any male's mind is the link between the masturbation and acne. The history of masturbation holds many bizarre and that has been a moot point. The myth is masturbation can cause blindness, mental disturbance, acne, and/or severe hair growth....
...You need to drink more water and eat more fresh food such as fruit and vegetables. You will also set out to cleanse your skin. If you are a member of a gym take advantage of their steam room facility if they have one....»
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«...The truth is, the e-book is merely claiming reduced acne in three days. There is no such thing as a permanent short-term acne treatment. "Acne Free in 3 Days" basically tells you to perform a detoxification diet, eating apples and drinking plenty of water for a full three days. This may or may not work, and there is no scientific proof that this method even works. But, many people have noticed reduced acne during the time they performed this acne treatment. However, when they resumed their regular lifestyle and diet, their acne came back, sometimes as an acne breakout. Chris Gibson also tells you to repeat this procedure every so often, because it's obvious this is only a temporary acne treatment. ...»
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