Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reviews best acne treatment

« ...The result findings suggest that stress increases acne breakouts. as sebum level changes depending on the weather, Singapore was chosen. Singapore has a quite consistent weather. The research found that sebum level did not change much during the tests, but acne breakouts did increases with stress....
...This is rather a tricky subject as not many people are aware that science has not completely shown whether acne is directly controlled by what you eat or drink. My personal view on this is that if your body is in a toxic state i.e. living on junk food and fizzy sugared drinks which cause the production of certain hormones will surely cause acne. Going on a good medical detox diet will ultimately help get rid of the toxins in your body and significantly reduce the occurrence of acne. Fresh fruit and large helpings of vegetables are most beneficial to the prevention of acne....»
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«...Whitehead is a closed comedo. The pore is inflamed and close. On the other hand, blackhead is an open comedo. The sebus is visible and discolored. Whether you are suffering from blackheads or whiteheads, do not try to force them open as it can leave scars or even cause infections....»
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