Thursday, July 3, 2008

Acne after stopping birth control pills and what to not eat to not get acne

Most people who suffer from occasional acne breakouts find relief from using common topical and internal medications. The most common cause of acne is a blockage in the follicles because of sebum produced by the body. This blockage allows bacteria to grow under the skin and create acne. The most common product used to treat this condition is benzoyl peroxide. This product breaks up the blockage, opens the pore and thus eliminates the acne. However, in some severe cases laser treatment for acne may be required to break open the blocked follicle and kill the bacteria under the skin.
Light therapy is a promising acne alternative. For many, acne is cleared up with the application of red and blue ultraviolet light for a set amount of time each day. It's possible to purchase a device online that safely emits this type of light. They cost in the range of $200. This is a less expensive alternative to attempt before visiting an esthetician who has similar, more powerful tools.
Zits. Pimples. Spots. No matter what you call it, acne is an inflammatory skin condition that causes breakouts or lesions on the skin that can result in permanent scarring. Though acne outbreaks generally first appear during puberty, teenagers aren't the only ones who suffer from this embarrassing and sometimes painful condition.
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