Thursday, July 3, 2008

Amitriptyline cause acne and types of oral antibiotics used for acne

The theory behind the apple fast is that it cleans out toxins from the colon, toxins that normally cause acne. After the 3 days all those toxins are gone and so, supposedly, is your acne.
Laser resurfacing, however, may not be effective in removing acne scarring if your scars are deeply pitted. For this kind of acne scarring, punch excision or grafting is recommended. This procedure removes the pits with surgical instruments called a punch. The procedure involves closing the pit and then grafting the top layer of skin together for a much smooth appearance. This procedure is followed by a chemical peel in case there are any red marks that were not corrected by the punch.
In addition to vitamins, skin cells need minerals. Chromium helps to speed the disappearance of infections. Most of today's processed foods lack chromium. To get enough, use tablets that provide your body with 150 micrograms per day.
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