Thursday, July 3, 2008

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Curing your acne will require you to balance your body and get it back to full nourishment. It will take a few days but can make for very clear skin. Sure there are super quick promises such as going on a fast or the magic pills but these are not permanent. Fasts and such are extremely difficult to follow and in my personal experience, I end up quitting the fast and eating very unhealthy.
Now, does that mean that you should leave your pimples as it is, if not pick them. No. You can and should do lots to help your skin condition, to treat the acne and prevent news ones from forming. Some everyday changes that you can bring to your daily routine are: drink as much water as you can, exercise every day, and eat a nutritious diet. Your skin is a mirror of your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is healthy, your skin will also radiate good health.
5. People who suffer from back acne should not use backpacks. Carrying a backpack can add heat to your already sensitive back. The added heat can increase perspiration and cause more breeding areas for your acne.
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