Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why are citrus fruits bad for acne and food remedies for acne

Acne should be treated in a holistic manner - that is by addressing the cause of acne rather than by treating only the acne, acne when treated in both ways yields better results than when you treat only the acne. There are several over the counter herbal remedies for acne available in the market, choose and pick one that suits you complete rather than buying the most famous one. Treat acne with care, so that it goes away completely.
General or preventative products form part of a large skin care market, they deal with skin creams, lotions and cleansers that can help to stop acne. This is a market where many people use this type of product every day to condition their skin. They use these products to protect their skin from the environment even if they do not have the acne condition.
This indicates that your body is able to get rid of any of the toxins in a quite and more effective manner. Any sort of hormonal imbalance is rectified. Regular exercise also reduces stress. Stress may be a main cause of acne formation.
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