Thursday, July 3, 2008

Azelaic acid acne over the counter and getting rid of acne marks

To be acne free, you must help your body to regain the "natural balance" that it needs. That doesn't mean that you need to stop using your acne cream treatment, it simply means you need to do more. Find a way to rid your body of the toxins and chemicals that are the root cause of your acne. Once you accomplish this, your acne will go away, and stay away, naturally!
I would then cover my face with a hot cloth. This hot cloth will open my pores, which some people think its a bad thing but it will allow for the dirt in my pores to wash away. I would do this about everyday or every other day. On the 2nd week my skin was completed clear. I did not have to use lotion on my face anymore, I did not have to go through a 30 min 3 step process to wash my face. By far this was an amazing acne treatment for men. I just followed those instructions on the remedy and had clear skin within 2 weeks. For me this was the best acne treatment for men. I think everyone should know this method it can work for anybody. Thanks to this remedy I now have clear skin.
Since stress is linked to sleep, again sufficient sleep is highly needed. Additionally, do regular activities that calm your mind such as meditating, reading book, exercising, and many more. So long ultimately, you have a healthy mind, body and skin.
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