Monday, August 4, 2008

How to get rid of acne during pregnancy and the over-all best acne treatment reviews

To ascertain whether or not an acne skin care product that is being hawked by a celebrity is worth buying, you need to have a good understanding of which components are effective for treating acne problems and which ones are not. It also means that you have to know which products to avoid when you find that there are ingredients that do more harm than good to your skin.
millions of people buy acne skin care products. With the steady increase in the number of acne products being introduced in the market, how can you know which one is the best or most effective for you to use?
Tretinion- This topical treatment for acne is considered the effective method of acne treatment. This is a vitamin A option derivative and is used for the treatment of sun damaged skin and acne. A cream and ointment, which is having content of tretinion, should be used before going to bed and areas near to eyes and nose are avoidable areas. You can apply the cream on the chin and cheeks because it may be irritating for some people who have sensitive skin.
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